A wonderful way to be near your loved ones. FOREVER.

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Memorial diamond this is a great way:

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Always remain close to the loved ones

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Remember the bright moments at all times

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Celebrate an important event

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Demonstrate your true deep passion and feelings

The highest density of memories on Earth - Commemorative diamond from Urmydiamond

The ashes of the inhabitants of our world, who lived thousands of years ago, with each century sank deeper and deeper to the center of our planet, until the natural density and temperature did not turn the carbon from their bodies into diamonds.

In Mother Nature this process takes thousands of years, in Urmydiamond laboratory-3 months. Memorial diamonds from the ashes of our dear creatures - a unique way to always be near them and honor their memory daily, not once a year, as is customary in many traditions.

Event diamonds are a wonderful way to make the most unique gift on Earth, which will symbolize the strength and purity of Your feelings. Family diamonds are a relic that will be passed down from generation to generation and will pass through the centuries.

You can choose for yourself color of future diamond

In our body, a lot of chemical elements, and first of all it is nitrogen (It is it what gives the diamond a unique yellow color. The density of nitrogen in each portion of the purified biomaterial is different and, accordingly, the coefficient of saturation with yellow is also different.

If you want your diamond to be transparent, you should exclude all nitrogen-containing elements from the preparatory mixture. This is a complex process, as nitrogen is very inert and to exclude it from the biomaterial has to use a very complex technology.

Diamond with soul The company URMYDIAMOND

High-tech laboratory of biomaterial purification and diamond synthesis research. The ideological profile of the employees. Clients from Europe, Japan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Individual approach to each product. Convenient service of interaction with the client.

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Why yellow diamond is cheaper than transparent?

At the stage of purification of the biomaterial, all impurities are excluded except for reactive nitrogen, which gives the diamond a natural yellow color. Additional work to bind and remove nitrogen molecules increases the cost of cleaning work.

What is the term of diamond production?

Production of the finished mineral consists of two stages: purification of the biomaterial 15-21 days and direct cultivation 21-30 days. Thus, the full production cycle takes from 36 to 51 days.

What is the purity of the resulting diamond?

The original raw material for diamond production is dust or hair, not 100% graphite, and inclusions are not excluded. The same thing happens in nature. Our diamonds are many times cleaner than natural ones.

Is it possible to cut my future diamond?

Cutting and laser marking is one of the priorities of URMYDIAMOND. As soon as our technical capabilities allow us to perform these tasks, we will immediately announce this to all our customers.

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Stages of production URMYDIAMOND memorial diamond

Memorial diamonds

Primary laboratory cleaning of biomaterial

Memorial diamonds

Special cleaning of the biomaterial. Exclusion of nitrogen-containing elements

Memorial diamonds

Cultivation of mineral from prepared raw materials

Memorial diamonds

The control Department. Preparing the data for the certificate.

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1 500 $
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