Nowadays, in time of rapid decisions and Chinese consumer goods, everyone wants to have eternal values. Perpetuating in a diamond is a great way to always remember your loved one. The material for the diamond can serve as a strand of hair, and the ashes of the deceased.

Here’s how to order your memorial diamond:

  1. Choose your Memorial Diamond
    Choose a cut or rough diamond. The rough diamond is polished but not enlarged in its natural form. We offer a wide selection of cut and sizes of memorial diamonds to choose from.
  2. Fill out the order form
  3. Select a plan
    Set up a tariff plan or make a deposit of 50% with the remainder upon receipt of the diamond.
  4. Submit material
    We work with international delivery services such as UPS and DHL. We will send you a box with instructions and a jar for materials.
  5. Get updates on your Memorial diamond transformation
    During the creation of your cremation diamond, you will be updated at every step of the process. Our deadlines are currently estimated at four months from the moment you receive the cremated remains until you have your personal memorial diamond in your hands.
  6. Get your Memorial diamond
    Your URMYDIAMOND Memorial Diamond is packed in a noble diamond box along with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee.