Root cause
The company “Urmydiamond” appeared as a result of an interesting combination of circumstances. Desires to perpetuate a loved one and the activity of a team of Ukrainian physicists, specialists in the development of synthetic diamonds.
First order
Before the commercial brand “Urmydiamond” appeared, an order was received for the production of several memorial diamonds from senior politicians in Ukraine. At one of the events in the Ukrainian parliament, the history of the first stone of our team delighted those present, who became our first customers.
The main thing in obtaining synthetic diamond from a heterogeneous biomaterial is the quality of its cleaning. On this we made an emphasis. Our unique technologies are able to create high-quality raw materials, almost 100% carbon for unsurpassed purity of the final product.
Lawrence Krauss said that every atom in our body is a particle of an exploding star. And we say that the life of a loved one originates in the body of the universe and continues inside a beautiful mineral. The production of memorial diamonds is that rare business that at the very beginning of its journey has huge demand.
From the leaders
There is nothing more beautiful than doing what you love. When a person likes what he does, he can do it all his time. We create eternal life, a memory that is not subject to depreciation, a memory that will survive our planet, the solar system and even the galaxy.

My project does what no one else in the world does. The success of this business is already predetermined; all that remains is to work by rolling up its sleeves.

The pure quintessence of any substance is Divine material. It is difficult to be an atheist when you see what our Universe was created from.

There is nothing more interesting than applied work. Theory is good, but practice is cool!

Once there was no diamond cutting technology and people could not see the unique play of light inside this beautiful stone. I am glad that I live at a time when I can create the finest facets of this beautiful mineral, releasing the indescribable beauty of the most expensive stone on Earth.

It’s very easy to sell something that sells itself well. A diamond with the soul of a loved one inside is a unique product. I can only wrap it all in a beautiful wrapper.