Hair (wool) or ashes contain up to 20% carbon [C], which we subsequently turn into the hardest mineral on Earth – diamond. However, in addition to carbon, the initial raw material contains quartz, potassium, calcium, various minerals and iron oxides. Biomaterial cleaning takes from 3 to 10 days, depending on the individual composition. The most complicated process of separating carbon from other chemical elements is possible thanks to the modern equipment of the Urmydiamond laboratory and the professionalism of the employees. A special analysis system of the obtained raw materials [C] allows to obtain data on the growth prospects of future diamond.
Customer part
An important step in the entire cycle of growing memorial diamond is the preparation of biomaterial by the client. There are situations when, for some reason, the biomaterial contains less carbon from the average. Urmydiamond sends a special container for samples and asks to initially prepare the amount of biomaterial in double volume. The rest of the biomaterial is sent to the customer along with the finished product.
Material and technical basis of the cleaning laboratory
Elemental analyzer – determines the amount of carbon in the primary biomaterial.
Electronic microscope – used at all stages of biomaterial cleaning

Primary chemical cleaning chamber, used to remove unstable chemicals.

Ball shredder of biomaterial – used to obtain nanopowder from primary biomaterial
High Speed ​​Centrifuge – Removing Impurities from Complex Elements

The modernized muffle furnace – is used both to remove volatile impurities and to heat the water treatment system.

Water purifier (water cabinet) – used for intermediate and final cleaning of biomaterial.
Physics carbon separation
First of all, it should be noted that the initial substance placed in distilled water with gradual heating of the water separates its constituent elements in density. Iron oxides contained in the source material are magnetized, this property helps us to extract metals and some other substances from the total mass of the primary biomaterial. However, the properties of density and magnetism will allow us to separate only simple substances from the total mass.
Chemistry carbon separation
To separate component (complex) chemical elements, various reaction / catalysis reactions are used. The natural color for the memorial diamond is yellow, which is obtained by the nitrogen in the ash. Therefore, at the request of the customer, we can leave this color.
Diamond growth
Two factors are necessary for diamond growth: temperature and pressure. Maintaining temperature and uniform pressure is provided by a special press.
Finished diamond passport
After receiving the finished diamond, our scientists create its technical passport of uniqueness. Each diamond is unique as a fingerprint or retina. Data on this uniqueness is contained in the company database and, at the request of the client, can be publicly available. Each diamond is assigned a unique identification number and, at the request of the client, it can contain the name of the customer.
At the request of the client, it is possible to make a similar certificate of an independent institute, which will also contain chemical and physical analysis data.
Any precise manipulations with the geometry of diamond can only be carried out using a laser or other diamond. There are generally accepted standards for engraving, which allow you to create the most correct geometric shape that will create the finest refraction inside the diamond.
Note: some data on raw material purification technology and equipment models are intentionally changed to protect technical secrets.